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Search Marketing Specialist
Direct Response Copywriting Specialist
Analytics & Data Specialist
Mr. Santosh Acharya is truly a seasoned full-stack Digital Marketer and is a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to Online Marketing as he has a firm grip on all the subjects of this field. He is always more than happy to help and is a valuable team-player.

I’m very happy with the services offered by him. He is approachable, understanding and has an innate sense of what needs to be done. He has a taste of online services, process and the details of his work.

I absolutely recommend Mr. Santosh Acharya and your search for an experienced Digital Marketer ends here. I wish him the best for all his endeavors and look forward to keep working with him in the foreseen future.

Ipsita Tiwari
Ipsita Tiwari
Content Writer
As full-stack Digital Marketer Santosh is a cool, patient and organized person to work with, his knowledge is appreciable, and he knows his work well.

He’s a great team player and approachable and gives great insights into various aspects of the project. To the team he brings forth his years of experience in the industry and applies that well and guides us well.

His knowledge of SEO, PPC, and WordPress shows well in the project that we worked together on I was happy to work with him in a team and would recommend him as a Digital Marketer who is ready to come up with excellent solutions for your product/service.

I wish him the best for all his future. 😊

Harnoor Kang
Harnoor Kang
Email Marketing Specialist
Social & Community Mastery
Mr. Santosh Acharya is one of the best managers I have worked with. He is very reliable and result oriented.

He always kept the team motivated and shared his knowledge and experience. His ability to deal with crisis and come up with new ways to achieve result were always an inspiration.

His technical and management skill helped us in many was pleasure to work with Mr. Acharya

Chaitra Shetty
Chitra Shetty
Mr. Santosh Acharya is a knowledgeable person I have worked with. He has experienced and great ideas.

He is a team player and helpful. He has a good knowledge of WordPress. Excellent in Design and Colours, his work is commendable"

Kushal Patel
Kushal Patel
Facebook Expert

"If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you."

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Expert Testimonials